This is an altered book I started last year at a Kelly Kilmer workshop, and I'm continuing to work on it this summer. It's small enough that I can crank down the perfectionism and just play. I'm still not sure what I want to do with the cover; nothing's really jumped out at me, but the current blue is kind of underwhelming. Any ideas?

Joy of joys, it's July 1 and I can start using my new life planner. I got the Gold Edition, which is beautiful enough in itself, but I wanted to customize it a little more. I figured I'd use this opportunity to learn how to make and post a video, so armed with my Canon PowerShot and mini tripod, I bravely set out to record an upload my first video. It took a few tries (too long, bumped into the tripod, garbled what I was saying), but here it is.


I’m lucky enough to be part of the launch team for The Child Whisperer, by Carol Tuttle, and as part of that I’m running a contest for a free book (I’ll ship it to you free as long as you’re in the continental US). The book teaches you how to read unsaid clues in your child’s body language, facial features and behavior in order to understand who they are and how to parent them with joy and connection.

The book will be available on Amazon on October 23, and I’ll announce the winner of my contest on October 22.

Here’s the contest: in the comments section, please send me in an example of when you’ve perceived your child to be truly him/herself. It could be something they’ve done, something they do continuously, a way they act or express themselves, or just how they look when they’re being themselves.

Obviously, I’m the only judge, and judging will be completely and utterly subjective.