…and a professional cleaner and organizer, I think. This is a picture of my craft room last January. It doesn’t look much different right now, with the exception that it appears the cats have been using it to deposit their fresh kill. Yay.

Honestly, I haven’t worked in there for two years. At least. Somewhat coincidentally, I haven’t blogged in two years. At least. Why? There’s so much to do. Homeschool. Write. Cook. Drive. Read. Learn Mandarin. Fling dead mice outside. It never stops.

Virginia Woolf needed a room of her own. Who knows how she kept it clean. I guess if you’re writing, you don’t make much of a mess, except for the coffee and blood stains. That’s just not my style, though, much to my dismay. I collect…stuff. Old dolls without heads, miscellaneous instrument parts, papers, colored pencils, yarn, you name it. And I’m organized, really: I’ve even got a bin labeled “rusty nails.” But there just isn’t enough room, and not enough time to declutter.

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