Try-it-Tuesday: Instant Vision Board



A vision board is a poster of cut-out illustrations of things you’d like to bring in your life or places you’d like to go. It’s easy to think that you need hours to make one of these, along with stacks of magazines to pore through, specially purchased supplies, and a clear kitchen table.

The last time I made one of THOSE was when I shipped my entire family off to India for two weeks. This was years ago, and that one ended up being more of an anal-retentive board, full of precisely glued words and pictures, but not, well, messy visions.

So here’s an easy, down-and-dirty, no-excuses way to make a vision board:

Forget the magazines, glue stick, and board. Think up a handful of wildly improbable goals (WIGs) and do a Google search on each one. Select “Images” and find one that best represents what you have in mind, or makes your heart sing, and print it. Cut out your pictures, tape them to each other, and tape the whole mess up on the wall. Done.