Bonus Wildtree Meal

The other night I made chicken tikka masala, which called for two pounds of cubed chicken. Of course, when I went grocery shopping I forgot just how much to get so I got extra, and after I cut the chicken I had a good portion left. While dinner was cooking, I dumped the extra chicken into a ziplock bag with some Wildtree garlic oil and a good portion of Chipotle Lime Rub.

Today, all I had to do was dump it in a pan. I added some spinach, just because I’m evil. It was excellent.

I could have pretty much picked a Wildtree jar at random from the cabinet (with the exception of the mulling spices, which would have been interesting) and dumped it in the bag with the oil and had a great lunch. It’s that easy. It’s pretty exciting to get two meals out of one that everyone will eat.