Fun Facts about Cheese


iobR6Vk8wvh2mTRS.jpg “What should I write about on my blog?”


OK then. I spent 45 minutes while the kids are in  karate reading about cheese, and learning all sorts of bizarre facts about cheese, and now I’m going to share things about cheese with you so that my life has some meaning. So here you go: ten fun facts about cheese:

  1. Stinky feet and stinky cheese gain their scent from the same bacterium: Brevibacterium Linens.
  2. There is a Sardinian delicacy called “Maggot Cheese.” According to the web site, “Locals consider it unsafe to eat casu marzu once the larvae have died, so it is served while the translucent white worms, about one-third of an inch long, are still squiggling. Some people clear the maggots from the cheese before consuming it, while others do not. Those who leave the maggots may have to cover the cheese with their hands—when disturbed, the maggots can jump up to six inches.”
  3. The name for someone who likes cheese is  a”turophile”
  4. According to, there are over 700 types of cheeses around the world.
  5. Richard Cheese has done a VERY BAD COVER of Enter Sandman by Metallica
  6. Someone has actually tried to crochet with string cheese
  7. A block of cheese in a suitcase will look just like a block of plastique to airline safety agents.
  8. In Alabama, cosmetologists are not allowed to use cheese graters to file feet, thank God.
  9. In case you need to know, the patron saint of Florentine cheesemongers is St Bartholomew the Apostle.
  10. If you’re a font/cheese geek, you can play the game Cheese or Font